The Holy Kingdom of Manus

“As the Dragon Slayers looked upon Earum and saw the terror the dragon’s wrought on us, they cried for us. This sorrow and sympathy lead them to bless us with a song of ancient glory. This song rended the dragon’s asunder and saved us all from a terrible fate. We thank you, Slayers of the Dragon’s. We must follow your example of sympathy and kindness. We will help any and all who are in need and right any injustice that would befall Uld-Kind. We will stand against tyranny in all of it’s forms. We will help those who cannot walk to stand once more. We will use this chance you have given us in hopes to one day honor your kindness.”
-Scripture and oath of The Clerical Order of Dragon Slayers.

To the West is The Holy City Manus. Manus is isolated from the other high kingdoms. There is still trade but its distance and harsh roads make it hard. This forces the people to live mainly off the land itself and not rely on the other High Kingdoms for support. The people here have taken to trying to find answers themselves to many of Earums mysteries and is one of the very first places to standardize a religion to the “The Dragon Slayers”. The people will go anywhere they feel they are needed to try and unearth what they can and help who they can in the name of these divine champions.

It has been 1200 years since the religion to the Dragon Slayers was introduced. In that time Manus, working with Elvin visitors, explored known lore and shared tales in the hopes of getting to the bottom of what had put an end to the Dragon’s. All the tales very widely between people and culture, but there is always a recurring theme: “The Song of the Slayers”. Even the Dwarfs and Elves having hid deep in the mines said they could hear the strange song. A song of great power and destruction. The song is said to have been beautiful but an uneasy feeling claimed all those that heard it.

This is the main trouble facing the new religion. All anyone has to go on of what happened is the word and tales handed down from generation to generation. Both can be lost or expanded upon with time as people see fit. This, however, does not deter the High King Valis. Her resolve is strong and her faith is pure that she is doing right for the Dragon Slayers. She and her people will spread the word as far as they can and to as many who will listen. One day the Dragon Slayers will have Uld-kinds thanks.

The structure of Manus is odd indeed. What is called King would be better described as High Priest. The King has many Clerics in his counsel to deal with the other Kingdoms if ever they come to call but it is mostly organizing locations to spread the word of the Slayers and to give guidance to any who would seek it. The citizens are composed of people who only live off of the land and use money very little. Good nature and faith takes the place of coin for all that grew up in Manus. Outsiders are not as well trusted but the people welcome them all the same. This is the main reason as to why money has not been abolished right out in Manus. Even the Elves that Manus works with utilize money from Yul and the other High Kingdoms.

The Holy Kingdom of Manus

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