The Dragon Slayers

This Religion is catching like fire. Around 45% of the population of Silv believe in these
teachings. The other 55% include those who have not gotten word yet or believe that the order is being too hasty with these teachings. That the order is putting too much stalk into the folklore of deranged and frightened elders. These view points have caused a stir in the land. What would be polite conversation has turned into open hostility and even violence. No such greater example exists than that of Teresh. The current High King, Azeal, has openly declared his distaste for the new religion and has denied entrance for any baring the religious symbols of the order. Practice of this religion has not been outlawed, but any who openly believe are usually met with ridicule and harassment. This has lead Mondus to focus on Sanctuary and Tesoma. The people of Sanctuary seem to be very interested in the teachings but mostly in the Academy. While the people of Tesoma are having trouble adapting to the thought of possible punishment for what the order calls “misdeeds” and “Crime”. However, presence in Tesoma does bode well for the Order as many Elves, Dwarfs, and Halflings hear Mondus’ priests trying to spread the word from street corners and make shift churches.

The Dragon Slayers are as follows

Marravos: A holy and just Warrior God, Marravos seeks to right injustice and demands brotherhood in community. Often depicted as a muscular male with a War Hammer in a pose of victory. All who follow Marrovos follow his scripture to a fault. There are strict rules when offering allegiance to this god.

Marravos is LG and the god of Law, Community, Nobility, Glory, and Strength.
Favored Weapon: War Hammer

Tear: The God of death. The one who helps lost souls find their way to what is after life. The harvester of our most precious. Often depicted as a sorrow filled woman with a Scythe in hand leading two children to a light. few follow this God but all prey to her. The lessons written in Tears scripture is that of sympathy but necessity. Death is, of course, a sad truth in this life. But the life that a person lived is to be celebrated and remembered fondly even though that life has come to an end.

Tear is LG and is the goddess of Darkness, Death, Good, Repose, and Liberation
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Grace: The sun shines brightest on those who seek it. Usually depicted as a battle hardened woman with a great sword held high above her, Grace is the God of Glory and Travel. Many who would brave the wilderness to adventure praise Grace.

Grace is LG and is the Goddess of Sun, Fire, Glory, Strength, and Travel
Favored Weapon: Great Sword

Stil: The Blessed. Often depicted as a woman defending a group of people from a Troll, Stil is the deity of the Paladins of Manus. These Paladins harden themselves and seek to protect any and all who ask if the cause is just.

Stil is LG and is the Goddess of Protection, Healing, Knowledge, War, and Artifice
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword

Mundis: “There is glory, and it lies in magic.” Often depicted as an old robbed wizard leaning on a staff, Mundis has captured the attention of the Academy in Sanctuary. Mundis dictates that knowledge and understanding is paramount in this life and any who would pass up wisdom have no glory.

Mundis is LN and is the God of Glory, Healing, Protection, Law, and Magic
Favored Weapon: Staff

Siv: Marvel at technology. Often depicted as a young woman carving Runes into her Glaive, Siv demands technological advancement of those who follow her. This leads to many Black Smiths and engineers to praise her.

Siv is NG and is the Goddess of Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, and Fire
Favored Weapon: Glaive

Tes: “What is a town if not an extended family?” Often depicted as a dancing woman, Tes is praised by the Roma that have visited Manus and/ or encountered the Paladins or Clerics on the road. Tes values Travel and community in travel which makes her a perfect deity for these wanderers. Her only law is to have fun and look out for your pack.

Tes is NG and is the Goddess of Charm, Community, Luck, Magic, and Travel
Favored Weapon: Scimatar

Asteroth: Nobility is a must in times of War. Often depicted as a kingly gentleman in a counsel, Asteroth is usually prayed to when the threat of war starts between the 4 high kingdoms.

Asteroth is N and is the God of Charm, Strength, Nobility, War, and Magic
Favored Weapon: Long Sword

Solar: Graced by the light of the sun. Often depicted as a woman made of fire, Solar is literally the Sun in all representations. Farmers give much praise to her for bringing the nurturing light to all their plants.

Solar is N and is the Goddess of Sun, Fire, Magic, Air, and Plants
Favored Weapon: Unarmed

Vostil: “I am the fury of nature.” Often depicted as a ghostly figure in a thunderstorm, Vostil is the deity of all things element. Vostil is tandem worshiped by Farmers for bringing the falling rains. Many Sorcerers and Wizards who take a kind thought to elemental magic pay their respects to Vostil.

Vostil is CN and is the God of Air, Weather, Water, Fire, and Earth
Favored Weapon: Quarter Staff

Avenon: Respect nature and she will bring you glory. Often depicted as a hunter on the prowl or feeding an animal, Avenon is the God of the Hunt and the God of nature. Obviously, Many hunters prey to Avenon before a hunt for a good haul or a good season.

Avenon is CN and is the Goddess of Luck, Knowledge, Magic, Glory, and Animals
Favored Weapon: Composit Bow

Gal: “Let your mind be free from the shackles of sanity!” The odd God out. Often depicted as a wheel of cheese, Gal is the God of Madness. It is not exactly clear as to why Gal is in the scripture of the Dragon Slayers. It is written that on a whim Gal helped in destroying many of the Dragon’s that plagued Earum. But, those who have written the scripture swear to the Slayers they never wrote Gal’s passages in the first place.

Gal is CN and is the God of Madness, Chaos, Glory, Plants, and Liberation
Favored Weapon: Wooden Spoon

The Dragon Slayers

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