“It’s finding how much a person is willing to spend, my friend. That’s the fun part. Everyone is looking for something and everyone has a price. Even them damned priests! But if you have what they are looking for, you got yourself the seeds of a great business!”
-The High yadda yadda blah blah blah, Aret

To the East is Tesoma. One of the Wealthier kingdoms in Silv, Tesoma is a lively port town and its economy is, in part, based on the resources that surround it, but more so due to the fact that it is one of the closest harbors to the continent Yul, which exports rare materials and food to Silv. Tesoma has a high crime rate mainly due to bands of thieves. It is rumored that it is the headquarters to a guild of thieves that barter stolen items and help fugitives bored boats to Yul. They may even barter lives in darker terms if the coin is right.

Tesoma chooses it’s King by a public election process. The king usually spends around 5 years as ruler before a new official is elected. Anyone who has taken any interest in politics in Tesoma usually finds themselves as a nominee in this process, since very few people actually take an interest in politics. The smarter citizens realize that they can spend a lot more gold and have a lot more wine in their belly if they are on good terms with the Elves that come and go from Tesoma’s harbors. This fact is usually what brings politics to ones mind. And politics is very much on the mind of the new High King: Aret

As crime is very high in Tesoma many believe that the politicians are corrupt. Either because they are being payed by the low lives that make crime their job. Or because they themselves where once those low lives and realize that crime, in fact, pays handsomely.


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