“The Bastards can never seem to hold their tongues! ‘I am the Son of Aret, ruler of Tesoma!’ Oh yeah!? Well, I am Azeal the one true pure of Teresh! And I could have your head! Just as well as your wife’s hand!”

~ First High King of Man, Azeal, 226 A.D.

To the North is Teresh. Teresh has near by mountains and hills.These mountains have precious metals and gems that fuel the economy. This has made Teresh a powerhouse on Silv. Teresh also has technology of good quality due to these fine metals. However, intelligence is not the strong suit of the people. Therefore engineering is usually outsourced to Sanctuary or Tesoma for the more intricate tech. The citizens themselves are pompous at best, feeling entitled by the city’s wealth. This has made many from all over flock to Teresh in hopes of opportunity and a slice of the pie. Unfortunately, as the wealth of the kingdom grows so too does the price of even the most basic of food items.Those that came to Teresh seeking opportunity quickly found that the only opportunity is that the nobles sometimes leave their coin purse open for a little too long. Strangely enough, things are starting to take a turn for Teresh. Many more of the people in the slums are being hired to go into the mines. Those that work in the mines have noticed the pay they earn has increased. And commissions for tech in Tesoma are growing in number as well.

The structure of Teresh is rather basic: King and Queen of nobility must have an heir to the throne to pass on a bloodline. Nobility must mix blood with only other nobles. This rule is only broken when a potential partner hails from the other High Kingdoms. The current king of Teresh, Azeal, is “Pure of Teresh” and often brags about having a mother and father that are children of Teresh. Incest jokes from the other kingdoms aside Azeal has made many leaps and bounds for his Kingdom. He has been a lot more open than his Mother and Father were to the other kingdoms. All save for the The Holy Kingdom of Manus which has developed a new religion to The Dragon Slayers. Azeal has openly declared his distaste for the new religion and has denied entrance for any bearing the religious symbols of the order. Practice of this religion has not been outlawed, but any who openly believe are usually met with ridicule and harassment. This fact is not substantial to any of the other Kingdoms as the religion is brand new, though, catching on like wild fire. Around 45% of the population of Silv have taken to using the religions new calendar and practice open worship. Azeal believes this a hasty action and should be considered more before implementing the stories of old fools and hear say over tried and true methods.

Regardless, Azeal has been a competent leader even for not having seen much action on the battlefield. It has truly been peaceful on Silv. A long overdue peace for one and all.


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