A Paladin of the Old Gods


Braum stands a height of 6’4" weighing 255lbs with golden hair and eyes. He is kind for one who has seen some of the worse parts of the world. At only 20 years old he has had many life-changing moments happen. From finding out his parentage to the death of his mother.


When Braum was little his mother talked about his father as an Angelic being. She described him as being kind, gentle, but as strong as a thunderstorm. His mother had one picture of his father which Braum carries in the padding of his armor. He was well built but not overly so, and he had hair the color of gold. Braum’s mother died when he was only 10 years old. Since then he grew up as an orphan. He spent some time among the Paladins of the great city of Manus but grew apart from them. At age 14 he left and headed to Cragsted where he was taken in by a man at arms named Armstrong. Braum spent a few years with him. He began his training and eventually became a man at arms in his own right. Eventually Braum was approached to become a bodyguard for a wealthy family in Tristram. When he first became a bodyguard at age 18 he heard talk of the old religion, and how they created Earum and how they were known as the “Pantheon.” A group of angels. Braum wonders if his father was one of them, or knew of them.


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