Standing at just under 3 feet and 30 pounds, Bitlug is not much to look at. Her bluish green skin and huge mouth and teeth clearly distinguish her as a goblin. She wears tanned and scarred leather armor with billowy sleeves puffing out the side. It seems like none of her outfit was designed for a goblin, the imperfect fit adding to the scavenger look. Crude cut leather straps cross her chest and back holding an array of daggers, bottles, and bundles. A jagged small sword hangs at her belt, with multiple holes and cracks pasted together to keep the weapon in one piece.

While her clothes and equipment seem rough and ramshackle, her movements are anything but. Her every move seems like a fluid motion, making as much sound as might a jungle cat. She is almost wraith-like in her ability to appear and disappear from a room. Her nimble fingers, so quick to pocket a trinket, are covered in alchemical burns.

When she is deep in thought she clutches a small stone pendant.


(All that follows is Out of Character knowledge)

Bitlug was born into the Dragon River Rock clan, who lived peacefully on the shores of the Daisy River. There the clan had existed happily; able to raid the neighboring villages and eat their cattle. The tribe was called the Dragon River Rock clan from the large rock they worshiped, which had been shaped to look kind of like a dragon’s head if you squinted and the light was right. Ahhhh, such wonderful times for the tribe. Until disaster struck, in the form of a group of adventurers hired to clear them out. A barbarian named Thokk, a mage named Llerewyn, and a rogue named Nix the Lucky slaughtered the tribes warriors and stole their treasures. After killing any goblins who would not flee Nix stumbled on the 3 month old Bitlug, attempting to gnaw on his leg. He found himself amused at the infant goblin so he took Bitlug back with him to Tesoma to the Thieves Guildhall he worked from.

For Bitlug’s childhood years she was the guild pet, treated as their dog and given scraps from the table. She loved running all around the hall grabbing what she could. Some members saw her speed and stealth and used her to prank their fellow guildmates. One rogue in particular, Cruice the Red, cultivated her abilities and trained her. Cruice had his own ambitions and was rising steadily in the guild ranks. He sent Bitlug on missions, spying on other thieves and planting evidence against them. Quickly Cruice was made guild master and Bitlug was known as Cruice’s Shade. She was allowed an apprentice’s entrance. Her work there was as a second-story man and a grease man. She climbed, squeezed, and snuck her way into countless buildings to take whatever was needed. Now she has been given full membership status. Cruice has retired, he made several lifetimes of fortunes in his 5 years as guildmaster. To thank Bitlug for her loyalty he made the guild change her handle, dubbing her Bitlug The Fox (In goblin Bitlug → Fox). Bitlug is excited to strike out on her own and find what the world has to offer her.

Because her entire known life has been spent living within the walls of the Thieves Guild in Tesoma or running jobs for them, Bitlug’s sense of morals are somewhat skewed.She often means well but is surprised when others sensibilities are offended at her behavior. But given enough patience, she may yet learn the difference between right and wrong.

Character Traits

Alignment NE (5,7), Bitlug doesn’t mind killing or stealing to get things done. Her goblin hunger often drives her to eat those she killed, with human and gnome being the tastiest. Laws don’t bother her, she ignores them when it suits her. But she is fiercely loyal to her friends. She would be willing to break any law for a friend in need.

Bitlug can’t read. She never saw much point in learning the letters and grammar, preferring to run across rooftops. However she did become highly proficient in understanding Thief Marks, the scratches cut into the sides of buildings and trees to indicate what might be around. Her knowledge of the official Thief Marks as well as those cut by the homeless let her navigate a new city with ease and case out potential marks. (Real World Explanation: ) These vary from how many guards are in a mansion, traps that might be nearby, or a safe place to hide for the night.

Her goblin heritage makes her hated among most ‘civilized’ races. Guards will often arrest on sight, most shops won’t serve her, and most adventurers assume goblins are “kill on sight”. She tries to compensate for this by scavenging for her needs. The only place she has found acceptance is in the underbelly of civilization. This rejections has given her a skewed distaste of most people, thinking they hate her as soon as they look at her.


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