The Dawn of Earum

The Story so Far

Rest, 5th of Solar, 3000 A.D. 428/2

The party traveled with a merchant to the small backwater town of Tristram, there hopes where to procure some funds, items for trade, and piece of mind on the open road. However, seen after they reached the town the merchant was arrested for smuggling dangerous goods into the nearby kingdom of Teresh. Now stranded, the party wondered what their next steps would be.

After taking some comfort in the kindness of strangers, the party was given newfound perpose: The old Witches Tower near the edge of town had fallen. Curious, the party went to investigate. At the sight the party encountered Lady Devy, the Baroness of Tristram. Lady Devy exposited that a man named Hunclay had been pestering her to demolish the Witches Tower to have a better view of the night sky, almost manic in his demands and prices he would pay. Lady Devy had always refused no matter the price he offered.

This fact leads the Baroness to believe that Hunclay must have had something to do with the towers collapse. It was here that she hired the party to explore what remains of the tower and to find 1: how the tower collapsed, 2 find any evidence of who may have preformed the deed, and 3 find any evidence that would lead to Hunclay’s whereabouts.

The party entered into the Witches Tower and faced what would be dangers for normal people: Imps, Iron golems, ghouls, and other such nasty things. They pressed on in spite of this adversity and found what they where looking for. With minor investigation they found Kobold corpses, a few of which held spades, and the corps of the eccentric wizard Hunclay. The party deduced that Hunclay must have been working with the Kobolds to have the tower destroyed and their theory was soon confirmed. A few of the remaining Kobolds attempted to ambush the party but where quickly felled, the last survivor, Sesserak, a female Kobold archer surrendered herself to the party and asked to be released for information.

Sun. 6th of Solar, 3000 A.D. 428/2

Sesserak told the party that her master, Chief Roagaz, was asked by Hunclay to destroy the tower. In spite of Sesserak’s protests Roagaz agreed and set her to work watching over the Kobolds tasked to do the job to set her in her place. But after this failure, she will mopre than likely be killed if she ever returns so she plans on fleeing far far away. Bitlug brought up that the thieves guild is always looking for talent and gave her the name of one of his contacts. She thanked the tiny goblin adventurer and set out to destinations unknown.

The party returned to town and informed Lady Devy about the current situation. She thanked the party with words and the promised gold and asked if they would like to make some extra money. She now wants the party to uproot the Kobold threat by any means necessary. The party has agreed to this task but are taking a moment to rest their tired minds and bodies before proceeding with their mission.

Wake. 7th of Solar, 3000 A.D. 428/2

A chance encounter:
As the party geared up to face the Kobolds they noticed they where being followed by a woman. On confronting the woman it was found that she has amnesia and remembers very little, if anything, of her past. The only thing that she has to go off of is the battle worn Armor she wears and the opal that hangs around her neck.

With their new friend, Opal, in tow the party set out to the old Quarry to eliminate the kobold threat.


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